KISTI Certification Authority
Issued Certificates List

Issuer subject: C=KR, O=KISTI, O=GRID, CN=KISTI Grid Certificate Authority

Type Download Subject Valid Until Detail
pem crt
1312 520 person pem crt /C=KR/O=KISTI/O=GRID/O=Yonsei University/CN=59761641 Chanseok Park 2018-06-12 view
1311 51f person pem crt /C=KR/O=KISTI/O=GRID/O=Kyungpook National University/CN=90437149 Seungcheol Lee 2018-06-02 view
1310 51e person pem crt /C=KR/O=KISTI/O=GRID/O=Kyungpook National University/CN=23541671 Hwanbae Park 2018-06-02 view
1309 51d person pem crt /C=KR/O=KISTI/O=GRID/O=Kyungpook National University/CN=75264944 Hyebin Jeon 2018-06-02 view
1308 51c person pem crt /C=KR/O=KISTI/O=GRID/O=Kyungpook National University/CN=63179154 Kookhyun Kang 2018-06-02 view
1307 51b host pem crt /C=KR/O=KISTI/O=GRID/O=UNIVERSITY OF SEOUL/CN=host/ 2018-06-02 view
1305 519 host pem crt /C=KR/O=KISTI/O=GRID/O=KISTI/CN=host/ 2018-05-24 view
1304 518 host pem crt /C=KR/O=KISTI/O=GRID/O=KISTI/CN=host/ 2018-05-24 view
1303 517 host pem crt /C=KR/O=KISTI/O=GRID/O=KISTI/CN=host/ 2018-05-24 view

Global Science experimental Data hub Center
National Institute of Supercomputing and Networking
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
245 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu 3414 Daejeon, Republic of Korea

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